Can Do Newman Immortalized in Paris, New York, London and Canberra

This is a follow up story on ‘The Missing Chapter’ the unauthorized companion piece to Can Do Newman by Gavin King being launched this week and for the folks who haven’t read this piece check it out here however below in the first 5 paragraphs is a brief background to this story.

missing chapter copy

Can Do sans Mayoral robe

From 2007 – 2012 I was subjected to what I can only describe as mental hell and in a passage of 3 years in this period I was gripped in a frenzy of inspiration creating digital art paintings totalling close to 1,500 pieces, almost a lifetime work and they are archived on Flickr in their chronological order. Check it out here if one is inclined of course.

The hell I went through started with BCC planning issuing to me a Development Approval that contained 2 conditions that turned out to be extortion of around $150K and after much ado in making complaints to the whole establishment that eventually Can Do Newman ordered a review only to cover up 2 crimes of extortion with further crimes of cover up, fraud and Mal Administration and in writing.

The Council fiasco became an establishment cover up which extended up to the High Court. I launched legal action against BCC for $2.2M + interest and that was the last thing Premier Newman needed, publicity of his misdeeds as Mayor if I was awarded compensation. And so after 18 months and 4 courts later, I emerged battered, mentally bruised and completely broke except for the fortnightly pension.

In December 2012 I found a nice rental place on a ridge on the Sunshine Coast hinterland and it was there I lived the life of an almost recluse and it was a place for mental healing and I was going to write my book about how Council caused such a violent rush of blood to my brain on the realization that BCC planners sabotaged my development and that led to a 3 year frenzy of sustained art creativity.

I arrived back to Brisbane last August after spending 2 years and 8 months in my retreat on the Sunshine Coast and in that time I wrote the story for my art book, conceived a format, designed and printed the pages and ordered 5 gold debossed leather presentation cases and assembled the pages in the case. It’s a big book A3+ size and weighs 4 kilos and counting wastage those 5 books cost almost $1,500 each. At this stage this is what one would call ‘vanity publishing’ to the extreme.

My ex said I’ll be ‘famous when I’m dead’ and probably the only wisest words she has ever uttered and so these books are earmarked for my 3 daughters that hopefully, when I’m dead, buried and cremated the books might hopefully compensate for the Council theft of their inheritance.

leather cov

Divine Inspirations Vol. 1

Since I’ve arrived in Brisbane I have set myself a daunting task of writing my autobiography which I envisage will be split over 4 volumes and ending up as a 5 box set, a 3-5 year project.

When a book is published, the publisher has a legal obligation to deposit a copy to the state library and to the National library and I wasn’t prepared to give them a leather bound book, so I printed 10 x A4 facsimiles and had them hand bound with a photo set in the front cover and sent a copy to the Queensland State and National Libraries being my legal deposits.

fac1 book

The A4 facsimile

I sent the remainder of the facsimiles nicely gift wrapped to MoMA New York, Saatchi Gallery London, the Louvre, the National Gallery of Australia and the Tate Gallery ending up with an A3+ leather edition as gifts for their libraries. The message was that the book gifted should be viewed as a future historical document on the fledging genre of digital painting and they have all been accepted. Each facsimile cost nearly $400 a pop; I made sure that I produced an attractive book that they couldn’t just throw in the bin.

Apart from Can Do and others mentioned in my story, I also have an acknowledgement page in my book which is all about naming and shaming Can Do and a host of other white collared criminal scumbags, my ultimate backhander to the Brisbane establishment and doesn’t it feel good and it would feel a whole lot better if I had my $2.2M compensation instead.

achnowledgementa copyHence my title to the story, Can Do is now immortalized and portrayed as a crim in the art world libraries of Paris (the Louvre), London (Tate and Saatchi), New York (MoMA), Canberra (NGA) as well as the libraries of Queensland and Canberra.

Stay tuned for the next gripping story coming soon.

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